Media Player 9 killed my media player!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Phantom_24, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Phantom_24

    Phantom_24 Guest

    Yes...I know it was a beta and all the cautions that come with it so spare the "I told ya so's....." LOL!

    Anyway, after installin teh WMP 9 beta 2 weeks ago, it worked great for a week, but NOW it won't play ANY type of format....keeps giving me "unknown format" errors for EVERYTHING....MPG, AVI, ASF and even MP3 !!

    Anyway....anyone have a link for the 9 beta, lost mine. or at least some way of uninstalling it....let me guess...I CAN'T uninstall it, right ?!?!
  2. Mr. Sushi

    Mr. Sushi Guest

    i have no idea how to fix it, but how great is WMP9 and when is it coming out?
  3. MiseryQv2.0

    MiseryQv2.0 Guest

    Did you try a system restore?!?
  4. beatlesdb

    beatlesdb Guest

    If system restore is not avaliable to you - the only other quick way to fix it is to delete the wmplayer.exe file from the root:\programfiles\windows media player\ folder
    then you need to boot your machine to the WinXP CD and select repair

  5. Phantom_24

    Phantom_24 Guest

    Exactly how DO you use repair?!

    I've tried in the past when I first got XP, and something corrupted a system32 file, but was NEVER able to get Repair running....which would be GREAT, just so I have that extra ability to keep this OS running clean and smoooooth!!! This is the first OS in which I've had the SAME install running for almost a year...with no need to format for some stupid problem !!!


    Thanx guys !!
  6. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    i have the same problem, no streaming vids work for me now...... im building a new system in a month or so, ill just wait till then.

    i dont wanna be bother with the stupid repair tool