Mech 4 Mercs Woes

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Gecko, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Gecko

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    Having problems with trying to connect with any multiplayer server. I can see them just fine but when I try to join I get a message window that says that 'Cannot connect to server. Either you are experiencing network problems or the server has vanished' I have disabled all the firewalls on my system to play but I still get this error. Anyone else having these problems or if you can connect could you please tell me what you did to be able to connect?
  2. ElementalDragon

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    hmm... Gecko, what mods and/or mech packs do you have for Mechwarrior 4?
  3. Gecko

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    No mech packs, No mods And my buddy has all the mech packs and he has the same problem as I do.
  4. Gecko

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    Ok and update..It seems that in order to play multiplayer I nned to open certain ports. Can anyone pls help me here on which ports I need to open?
  5. BOBbagels

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    I had the same exact problem.
    Are you using a firewall by any chance?
    I use the XP Firewall (i know ,its a 1 way thing) and I am behind a router.
    Once I disabled the Firewall I was able to join servers. I dont know specifically what ports to forward so I disable the firewall totally when playing.
    The router is a great first line of defense.
  6. Gecko

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    The only firewall I have running is the one for Xp. But even when I disable it I still cannot connect. I also am behind a router SMC 7004 ABR. I know the ports I have to open in order to play but I am unsure how to configure the router properly. Does anyone know how to configure a SMC 7004 ABR router properly in order to play Mech 4 Mercs? And if you do please tell me. Thanks in advance.