Meazure v2.0

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    MeazureTM 2.0

    [​IMG] What are the dimensions of that image? How big is this window? Does this layout fit on an NTSC display? What color are these pixels? What does this icon look like close up? How can I capture an arbitrary portion of the screen? These are just a few of the questions that kept coming up as I developed applications and web pages. Various tools are available to answer some of these questions but I could not find any that answered them all or that had a usable interface. So I created Meazure, a program that measures, magnifies and captures the screen by providing a battery of features in a cohesive user interface. Even better, Meazure is free!

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    I have been using this for so long, I only just checked to see if there was a new version this moment and yes there is, so no stomping on me if there has been a mention before.
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    Lee we never stomp on you for these great links to programs you give us. Thanx again Lee. :):):)
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    I am sure I checked before, I would actually pay for it if it needed registering, I did donate before, so that's a good thing.

    I just found out it was released 27th Jan 2004, ohh my, maybe version 1 was that good I thought nothing could make it better.