Measuring SEO (my first attempts on my work site)

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    Hey guys - previously I have been more interested in hiding my personal sites from google spiders and search engines...

    But now I am back in work one of my tasks is to update the work site (see sig for link) and here we do try to get good SEO in the areas of recycling and computer re-use and, of course, community technology (since that is why we are called comm-tech!).

    Before a colleague went on leave he mentioned that another site had pinched our code and was coming ahead of us in searches... they had literally copied our pages code. Anyway, one ting to do for a bit of SEO is to ensure your site is updated regularly, apparently. I have just rolled out a few updates to the site and wondered what I can do to measure what change they might have on SEO? I have noticed our pages have google analytics on the CSS, but not looked further (do not have the access codes for that, have vague memory of how it works),

    Anyone know of other standalone tools or techniques to measure this? It is the SEO stats I want, not site traffic. I'm sue you guys know more about this than me - so look forward to hearing.
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    thing to do is to go to the thief site and steal their SEO, tit for tat so to speak :)

    Then improve on it.
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    It's not 100% right but you can get some good ideas by running your site through this:

    Hope it helps.
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    There are several factors which affect SEO rankings of your website. All these factors work in synchronization and if any single factor is ignored then your website could end up scoring low rankings on search engines. Read:

    I am sure you will find it helpful.
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