McAfee Desktop Firewall 8

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by contender, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. contender

    contender Guest

    This new firewall from McAfee could be a new contender to firewall's like Kerio which has good sandboxing technology and the new quarantine function is also interesting.

    I am eager to take this new beast for a spin. Is it available yet for download or still in development stages?
  2. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    Yea 8 is going to have some nice features like sandboxing and IDS but at the end of the day if what they have been releasing so far is much to go on its still not going to be great.

    Kerio and Outpost friends will always give it a run for its money IMO. Mainstream vendors just dont cut it yet, maybe 8 will change this ;)

    Its not avaliable for download, even it beta as far as i can see.