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    The makers of the Matrix Website have put hidden movies, 360 degrees pictures. We have discovered and have unveiled them for your enjoying pleasure! If you have any questions please post in the following forums thread on Tech-Critic and we will answer.

    Much Thanks goes to DexusXL for getting this information for us!

    - Go to
    - Click on 'Enter High Bandwidth'
    - Click on the yellow dot upper right corner
    - Click twice on the square next to 'Low bandwidth'
    - Click on the slide next to 'Access panel 3'

    Now you will see switches witch can be turned of or on, 1 or 0. This is the binary mode

    Put the switches in the following positions

    11011011 - 3d view Nebuchadnezzar
    10110110 - Bonus clip Stunt coordinator
    00011000 - Bonus clip Concept Illustrator
    10000001 - Previous matrix website
    11101001 - Trinity concept art
    11010100 - Animatrix Desktop Art
    01101111 - Hexadecimal menu.
    01101111 - ZION410E20 Access Panel 2 for entering hexadecimal keys.
    11101000 - Philosophy section.
    11010100 - Brings up a nice screenshot of the new character Jue (sp?)...
    11101001 - Hint: It has something to do with David Lapham.
    00011000 - Bonus clip. Special audio commentary. Interview with concept illustrator Simon Murton.
    10110110 - Bonus clip. Stunt coordinator R.A. Rondell.
    10000001 - Reloads the classic "The Matrix" website.
    11011011 - Zion QuickTime VR picture.

    Tthe hexadecimal codes is have:

    A3B1A428 - Nebuchadnezzar Model Kit.
    19A642BF - P.O.D behind the scenes.
    8E217AC9 - Data not yet online.
    D53D49F9 - Unloco- Bruises music video.
    A8C3F9AD - Deftones-Historical segment.
    64CF29E3 - POD: behind the scenes 2.
    43E17AC9 - The Making of the Soundtrack.
    8D966F2A - POD Interview.
    C1B49F13 - POD lyrics.
    98765432 - The final theatrical "The Matrix Reloaded" trailer.
    d487a317 - About "The Animatrix: Detective Story."
    f03350b1 - Hugh Bateup (Supervising Art Director) interview.
    0081cf5e - John Gaeta (visual Effects Supervisor) interview.
    ec306071 - QuickTime VR: Oracle Kitchen.
    098ca701 - New wallpaper.
    cc883300 - Test key.
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    Good stuff! :D
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    That's the Ultra Resolution (1024*768) trailer I was looking for. Thanks for sharing!
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    btw, Data Not yet online (hexidecimal codes) is a collection of lyrics.
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    here is the word document that I originally got.
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    why do they hide all this stuff anyway? don't they want people to have them. what a strange website??