massive speedproblems with XP and Unix

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by martin_sch, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Hi out there,

    I have a big problem watching different files on a share, which are on a unix server. I see the root directorys when i connect to one of the shares, but the explorer needs several minutes opening deeper directory structure with some megs of data in it.

    The regkey on searching scheduled tasks is deletet but brought no speed gain.

    Technical description: Windows XP Professional ( installed with unattend method ), Intel Ethernet Cards and Siemens RM's with SINIX 5.3.x

    We tried nearly everything on solving this speed trouble.
    Maybe you can help me.
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    thx for the reply

    we are using OSPF on our switched network. the switch are using this protocol on targeting each other. we have a 100 mbit full duplex from client to the switch and 1 Gbit connecting between each switch.

    the LAN speed is working fine on every OS except Win XP.
    even de W2K clients and Servers list all directories on a unix server. just XP is struggling and the explorer crashes in most cases !
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    Unix Server and Win XP Client

    Is there anyone out there who has Unix Servers combined with Win XP clients ?????