"March Madness"

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by muzikool, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Still a little bit away, but I've already made plans to attend Round 1 of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in New Orleans. A friend of mine is a die-hard Texas A&M fan, and since they are highly ranked this year he asked me to go with him to the tournament. The Aggies are very likely to wind up in New Orleans, so we bought tickets off of eBay this weekend and setup hotel reservations.

    I'm not one of those hardcore "fill in your brackets and place your bets" type of people, but I do love the tournament season and the excitement of it all. Our tickets get us into 6 games that first weekend of the tournament, so I'll be watching a lot of basketball. Chances are also good that #1 Florida will be in New Orleans as well, so it will be cool to see the #1 team play! :D
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    Must be nice.

    I plan on calling in sick, then drinking until I am. God I love college basketball!
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    I thought you were talking about Wrestle Mania. Then I realized this was the sports section.
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    Div II Finals are in the next town over, I am going to the last 4 games :)
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    Well, guys I'm here in Indianapolis, I quess I'm to work some overtime for the games here and I get in free, Yes KC, remember I'm a Cop.