Mapped network drives showing as disconnected? help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Adam S, Oct 13, 2002.

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    i have 2 machines with xp pro on them, and another machine with linux on it. one xp machine is used for backup and file storage, the other is my main machine.

    i setup the backup util. to run every night, making backups of various things on the linux server and my xp machine to my backup machine. I'm noticing a problem tho. my files aren't always getting backed up, because by the time it tries to do so at 3AM, the drives r showing as disconnected.

    It's like if i don't access the drives enough on the network, the connection is lost until i click on them.

    when i go onto my machine in the morning, it shows every network drive as disconnected. of course, i just click on it and its back, but the backup util. is not seeing the drives, so it isn't backing up.

    i have the same issues with my linux drives, but thats probably outside the scope of this website.

    can anyone tell me how i can force the mapped drives to stay "alive"? I've even tried connecting directly to the machine thru network places - same thing. the drives r showing as disconnected. i need them to always be active.

    any help would be great, thanks.

    p.s. obviously i click "reconnect at login" when i map the drive, but it isnt doing so.
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    anyone? bueller?
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