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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by C-O-R-E-Y, Dec 28, 2001.

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    If I go to the task manager and the I click on Processes I see lots of things and I want help to only have the ones I need.

    The following ones are under my User Name:
    - devldr32.exe
    - Traymon.exe
    - osd.exe
    - GMT.exe
    I have more things running but this ones I don't know what are they for, can you tell me what are each one and how to make them not running with windows anymore?

    The following ones are under "SYSTEM" User Name:
    - smss.exe
    - csrss.exe
    - winlogon.exe
    - services.exe
    - lsass.exe
    - spoolsv.exe
    - nhsrv.exe
    - Crypserv.exe
    - nvsvc32.exe
    - SymProxySvc.exe

    What are each one? Where can I remove them? It is important for me to know what are each one so I can see what can I stop from running with windows.

    And why is the process svchost.exe running under "SYSTEM"(theres 3 entries with it), "LOCAL SERVICE", "NETWORK SERVICE"

    Please help me with this.
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    Devldr32.exe is normally provided by Creative to load your sound devices (sound card. You need it)

    Traymon.exe I seem to remember is also provided by creative, if it's the same one, I removed it.

    Osd.exe and GMT.exe i'm not sure of.

    All those under system I would leave alone. Don't forget that XP is primarily a 'Networking' OS, consequently there are many networking/server processes running in the background which the system depend upon.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    i'll take a look