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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by bheagle, Jun 6, 2002.

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    Just a quick few questions for anyone that knows,

    I have XP Pro installed on my system that has two Hard drives, neither has multipul partitions on them, each drive is one large NTFS Formatted drive. A 30 gig and a 40 gig, the 30 gig is my C: and the 40 is my D:.
    I cannot install on the 40 gig cause to be honest, my FTP is taking all but 15% of the drive and I need to keep that 15% free.

    now the questions.

    1) is Linux Mandrake 8.2 worth dual booting to?

    2) will the install let me resize the C: drive with the NTFS without losing my XP.

    3) Will the Boot options in Linux see the XP install?

    4) which bootloader will be the dominant bootloader, XP or Linux?

    Any help would be apprecated.

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    sorry, read the quote i put the answers under the questions you asked
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    thanks for the quick reply... I'm downloading the iso's as I type this, (as long as download accelerator don't screw them up.