Mamas Casserole!

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by Kirrie2001, Apr 9, 2003.

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    One evening after work several guys were going out to have a drink and they were trying to convince a married friend that he should come, too.

    "I can't," the man said, "my wife would kill me."

    After 15 minutes of persuasion by his friends he finally caves in and goes.

    Later, looking at his watch, he realizes that it is midnight and he still has not gone home. He immediately rushes home trying to figure a way out of the trouble he's in.

    Upon his arrival, he walks into the bedroom and sees his wife's legssticking out of the covers.

    "I know!" he thinks to himself and he crawls in between his wife's legsunder the covers and performs oral sex on her until she is satisfied.

    "That should do it," he thinks and he walks into the bathroom to wash his face. He turns on the light and THERE IS HIS WIFE,... sitting on the toilet.
    How the hell did you get in here?" he impatiently screams.

    "SSShhhhhh!" she says, "You'll wake my mother!"
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    awwwwww nastyness!!! lmao!

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    juck, thats just disgusting.
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    Kirrie2001 - would that perhaps be an old wife's tale ?:huh: :huh:

    And I have always said: There is nothing wrong with an old wife's tail!! :D :D
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    Sounds fishy to me, are you sure this really happened?

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    Yes, damnyank & slimboyfat. AsI live near the sea, its an old fish wives tail. :p :eek:
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    I've heard that one before... rofl...:D :D :D