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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by [-tactiX-], May 8, 2002.

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    Alright.. I've seen some really great skins around. And a couple of them (2 that I've seen.. Rhodium and Cupric) have the Window handles (title bar of windows.. such as IE and Popup Messages, programs, etc.) in the middle of the title bar.

    For example, when I come to, it says ' Forums" in the center of the Internet Explorer title bar.

    Can someone explain to me how to do this with a theme? I'd really like to make my skin have the title bar centered. If you think it would be better to email me with the information, please do so at this addres: Thank you
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    I assume you use Stylebuilder? Then open your theme in Stylebuilder, click "Windows and Toolbars" and click on the "Caption bar", then under the picture of the theme look at the properties and change "Content Alignment" to Center. Compile the theme, then all caption texts should be centered.