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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Yngwie_II, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Yngwie_II

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    Hey guys
    I'm completely new to site making, HTML, and
    any other code or stuff. I'm good in hardware
    and in software i'm fine, but i never made
    a site, and i had planned to make one years
    ago with guitar videos of me in actions etc..
    But what is a good program to make one with
    and where can i learn it, and a domain?
    I heard tk is good.
    But one thing, i don't want a geocities page.
    I find them cheap you know, not a site in my opinion.
    Ok hope you guys can help me out

    Yngwie II
  2. kohlerjd

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    When I had a website I used Microsoft's Frontpage. I also experimented with Macromedia's Dreamweaver. They are both good programs. For the beginner I suggest Frontpage. These type of programs make it easy for the begginner to sit down and create a website without much of a background in HTML. As far as learning these programs, there are many inexpensive books that you can get that will give you all the help you need. Also, the Internet is full of help. As you get more advanced, then you can start learning HTML so that you can edit the code that Frontpage/Dreamweaver gives you or you can write solely in HTML. For a domain, I tried several and eventually ended up with HostRocket. They are a little more expensive but their services and support are very good.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Yngwie_II

    Yngwie_II Guest

    thx man, I have frontpage from my office xp professional set.
    I'll try it out, i never knew what it was :p

    For the domain part. I would like a free domain though, cuz
    i ain't got a credit card and don't live in the us.

    Ok laterz
  4. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    Give us an idea of what type of site you have in mind.
  5. Vibe69

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    i myself am using a free account to host my site its pretty good and im using for a url redirection and i disabled my banner from so there is even no banner hey let u disable the banner in the options really good. Brinkster is very good web host fast and stuff. I used dreamweaver mx its really good. My site is located at
  6. Yngwie_II

    Yngwie_II Guest

    Well I want a site that starts like this: you get one page
    when you type in a simple address. It's black and has
    a choose your destination kind of thing. You can choose
    two ways, one computers, other, guitars. And on the computer
    page i will want to post my idea of the latest and best computer
    (will be updated offcourse) and things to know and such, no hacking though. And on the guitar page i'll discuss best guitarists
    and post my videos that i'm playing in. I think maybe i could put
    a little more on it, but thats what i'm thinking of so far. It doesn't need to be the fanciest site known to man, but preferably
    no ads, and just a very nice site to be proud of that people
    will frequenty visit i suppose. The simple address i really want
    to. Like that tk stuff is like for grannies :D