Make your own boot CD... yeah right!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lukas, Mar 3, 2002.

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    Bootable CD's warfare

    I wasted 9 cd's so far. I've read 3 tutorials. I've printed 2 of 'em. I've been putting 'check'-marks after every step on every tutorial. I've checked everything twice before burning the CD. Then I've checked everything for the third time. I've used Nero, EasyCD creator and CDRWin. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown.

    I own a non-bootable copy of WinXP pro. The goal is to create a bootable cd with unattend.txt, so I don't have to specify all the standard shit.

    Now, the errors I've got so far:

    • xxxx.dll missing, setup cannot continue
    • can't find the EULA. Setup cannot continue
    • cannot access the Windows XP Professionnal CD-Rom, make sure the cd is in the drive, and press any key to continue
    • Please insert the Windows XP cd-rom into the A: drive and press any key to continue (one of those again, and Im gonna do it!)

    Please give me a link or write me a tutorial so simple that even my mom would understand, becouse I'm really desperate.


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    Take a look at
    Also check the rest of that page if you're interested in making bootable Cd's with hotfixes/servicepacks etc...

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    You could also download the bootdisk (floppy) from microsoft which will eliminate the need for a bootable CDROM (useful if you have a 3rd party raid device and can't select to boot from the cdrom)
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    Gajef, this is indeed a nice site.

    Punk, the meaning of all this is that I will be able just to put in my cd rom and watch the whole installation without doing anything. The setup takes about 50 mins, and I'm always filling in the same details.

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