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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by p8ntballer, Feb 27, 2003.

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    right now i got a ****ty system and when i try to play Half life on my cable connection its lags so bad..

    but when i start up aol 8.0 it has perfect ping no lag .. why this happen? I recently got aol cancled now i cant play any games.

    What will fix this lag problem other then aol?
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    if you are in the uk go to theyll test your upload and download speed
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    playing on good servers will also reduce/eliminate lag...
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    Lag can come from several things:

    How your isp handles data packets. Some ISP's you can't play games at all. Call your cable isp and ask about problem.

    How much traffic is on your isp. This varies a lot with cable connections. If many people on your cable trunk have internet and do a lot of downloads and uploads you will get delays in your data to the game server. What is even worse,the delays will be random so your ping will jump around. Try gaming away from peak hours. 6:00Pm to 10:00 Pm are very heavy loading on cable systems.

    You may have a bad cable connection (the actual cable inside the house or burried in the back yard). The local cable company had to dig up my back yard and replace a trunk cable 3 years ago. It was damaged and causing lost bandwidth to several houses.

    You may have a bad modem. A friend of mine had to get a replacement modem from his cable company.

    Open a DOS window and type ping -n 50 ispname where ispname is the name of your isp server mine is

    this will ping your isp server. If the number is over 120 or jumps up and down a lot you have a problem with your isp.

    Very good is 80 or below
    good is 80-120
    usable for games is 120-250
    over 250 game perfromance will suffer
  5. hey

    i have a question about that ping command. I have a d link 704 p with 4 computers and a 768 Kb connection and whenever I try to ping a computer on my network or a website or something I always get "Request Timed Out", do u know why?? cause I dont have any problems with my connection at all.
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    have u tried other servers? that's your best bet.

    other than that, you might try changing your mtu and rwin settings.

    go to this link and click on tools.