Major FPS loss.

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Prez, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Prez

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    Well I started having an issue of mayjor fps loss in most of my games. FOr example in Tribes 2 I was running 100-110 now I am running 12-48. I am so lost on what the cause could be.


    P4 1.4 MHz
    512 MB of Rambus RAM 160MB/512MB in use.
    64MB G force 4 TI 4600 ( 40.72 Detonator Drivers )

    EDIT: Windows XP with SP1 (forgot about that)

    NOw nothing has changed from the time I was getting 100-110 to now where I get 12-48. UT2k3 is running anywhere from 30-60 just depends. Thats ok with me but my recent loss in Tribes 2 baffles me.

    The only thing I can think it may be is all the heat inside my PC. I have one fan and it is for the P4 only and is sheilded so it's doens't cool the other areas. I took the side off my case and will try that when I get home from work tonight. Just wondering if anyone else has any tips.

  2. koko

    koko Got Root?

    Columbia, S.C.
    hmmm, i'd try uninstalling those unofficial dets and installing the official 30.82 dets from nvidia's site first.

    then, i'd check your rwin and see what that's set to. you can d/l the tool to do that at this site
  3. Prez

    Prez Guest

    Well the same symptoms happen off-line. It thought about it maybe being that but the offline FPS follows the same.

    Also the 40 series has alot of features that the 30.82 don't especially for my flat pannel. And they have been working all along.. untill a few days ago. I use to have the 30.82 and it cause Tribes 2 to come up with UE's all the time making the game unplayable. Went to the 40 series and it's all better now.

    Now I did notice these gray warning window ads apearing on my screen when just sitting in an off-line program. Makes me think some sort of adware got installed. But I can't locate anything. PC is also virus clean. Just defragged and seemed a bit better.

    This is so frustrating. errrrrr....
  4. jumpy

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    Those gray warning windows are probably messages that someone has broadcast using the XP messenger service. To stop these either get a firewall or go into the services manager and stop/disable the messenger service. Note - the messenger service has nothing to do with the chat program of the same name. Just try and recall what programs you have installed recently, if you've got a virus scanner turned on that could be the cause.
  5. koko

    koko Got Root?

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    maybe it's time for an enima! when was the last time you wiped your system?

    a clean install will fix just about anything! ;)
  6. Prez

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    I know... it has been since may since a wipe... oooo I hate doing that though.. but the thought has crossed my mind.
  7. Pythro

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    Just back your stuff up on an extra hard drive if you have one. Then pop it back in once you've reformatted. Reformating will also get rid of all the crap you have forgotten about over time and help improve your overall performace.
  8. Prez

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    Looks like it's time to start burning CDS!