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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Diman82, Apr 26, 2002.

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    The strangest computer-related issue I've ever seen :
    sometimes when I boot my comp it doesn't show the correct CPU speed (it shows 787 mHz, when I've a 700 mHz Duron, overclocked to 892.5 mHz, 105x8.5). A quick check (My computer => properties=> general ) when XP boots approves this speed. To correct this phenomena I've to reboot my comp).
    Any comments?

    p.s. I've this cpu (Duron 700 mHz installed on Asus a7v mobo) for over year and a half, but this phenomena showed only recently (maybe some deffective bios update, I regulary updated so I can't tell for sure that it's the bios).
  2. evilhomer

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    maybe you fried your cpu by oc so much. it *does* shorten the lifetime, even the most experienced oc'er acknowledges that. usually u get a new one before you ever have to worry about it, but it certainly sounds like you've got bad news on your hands.
  3. Diman82

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    I doubt if oc has anything to do in this case, cause 1. I've good system stability/temp/performance, so I'll tend to suspect the latest bios update causes this. I just wonder if someone has ever met this too.
  4. Qumahlin

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    The only time I met that was when my overclocked Pentium 3 was dying.

    You have to remember when overclocking the processor being overclocked shortens it's life, weather or not the temperature is good.

    so check your updates and if thats not it..then you might wanna be a lil careful before somethin bad blows :p
  5. Sprung

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    You can have a wonderful temp/stability/performance record, and still be deep frying your chip.
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    I suggest you COOKED your chip.. I also suggest some fries on the side...

    MMMmmm and a shake sounds good too..Strawberry


    Oh, and since the 900mhz and up are dirt cheap these days I also suggest you get a 900 and not Overclock it.... you'll still be faster than you used to be and the chip will see next year...