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    Macintosh Forum Guidelines. (Old)

    Macintosh Forum Guidelines

    This section is for the discussion of Apple Macintosh computers, software and other products.
    You do not need to own or even use a mac (or related items) to post here, questions regarding these products, in aid to obtain information from others who own or use them are welcomed and encouraged.

    Due to the nature of the section we must re-iterate that there is no flaming allowed on these forums, and any such occurrences are looked down upon and shall be deleted.

    Therefore please do not start "Mac V's Windows" type threads, or any other threads aimed at degrading one operating system as opposed to another. If you require information regarding the differences between Mac OSX and Windows XP an excellent resource is available at , alternatively, feel free to post your questions here.

    Please keep in mind that this section is actively moderated by Mac, Windows, Linux and BSD users, therefore it is not possible to have moderators on your "side", we are all equal minded regarding the different computing platforms available and being used by our users, and respect each-others opinion and choice.

    The standard forum guidelines are available for viewing here.

    2004-08-11 Update
    The posting of "free" iPod, or any other hardware, web-stes is strictly forbidden, these threads or posts shall be deleted without warning.
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