M$ vs. XP-Antispy

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AuRe, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. AuRe

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    I know that I have read in some where that M$ is against this software but can't remember the site

    could any1 tell me where can I find it???

    Thanks all.
  2. Ves007

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    How did you get Outlook Express minimized in your taksbar?
  3. max

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    Yes this is off topice but i love that blue desktop of yours , and yes how did you get outlook into systray ?
  4. max

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    is this it


    OutTray minimizes Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express down in the Windows system tray as an icon by the clock. OutTray reacts after the user has minimized Outlook in the normal way, allowing you to specify the number of seconds, as a command-line parameter, that you would like to wait before moving the program to the system tray.
  5. AuRe

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    yes, it's the same, only difference w/ mine. it's Spanish appz
  6. DrX

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    AuRe your desktop rulezzzz !!!
  7. AuRe

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    Thanks !!!
  8. waddy

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    AuRe i dont think MS could care less about XP antispy mate.... as the things it does can also be done manually quite easily... so its not really doing anything special, just making it easier for us :)
  9. AuRe

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    I already have found the news, if you want read them in spanish I'll post the links
  10. max

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    AuRe can you post the links please