low virtual mem on shutdown

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by webby962, May 15, 2002.

  1. webby962

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    OK, what s the prob then?

    Well every time I shut down my computer, I get a warning dialog box appear.

    "Warning: Virtual Memory minnimum too low: Your system is low on virtual memory.
    Windows is increasing your virtual memory pagefile. Durring this process........"

    Now,this never appears while i'm using the machine, just when I shut it down.
    It has only just started to happen, and I have not installed anything new.

    I have defragged my HD, and defragged the pagefile using PageDefrag v2.2
    I then shut down the machine, and no warning. Next time back it popped!
    So I then logged my performance counters on my paging file, and nothing pushed it over 1%
    I have fixed the page file at 500meg.
    I have nothing running in the background other than Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti Virus.

    I have the following system:
    Gericom 1GB celeron laptop
    sis630x Host bridge
    Sis5595 South bridge
    sis630x VGA device

    I am running Windows XP pro, my memory dump file is Small(64k)

    How can I big running out of virtual memory, and what can I do about it.
    Where can I turn off the warning broadcast in regedit?
  2. ChrissiCom

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    Is PageDefrag an officially XP compatible program ? I ask, because you shouldn't use any proggy to defrag your paging file which is not XP compatible.

    Also try to check your Task Manager for page file usage before shutting down and if it's the case that all is used up see what program uses all of the paging file.

  3. webby962

    webby962 Guest

    Yes, pagedefrag works fine with XP, and made a nice 1 fragment pagefile.

    I ran task manager just before shutdown, and there was no useage of the pagefile over 98meg. But still the warning appeared. This is bugging me, because it only happens on shutdown.

    still looking to turn of the warning broadcast, but dont know my way around the regestry.

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    Check this thread for starts.
  5. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Also, check here .
  6. webby962

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    Ok, tride that. I disabled the only two things running before shut down. My Firewall, and my Antivirus. Now, it shuts down ok some times, and not others. It just seems intermittent.

    I,ve checked out that site, and it seems to be a bug in XP.

    If so, can I just disable the warning broadcast in regedit?