Lotus Notes Archiving Question

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kcnychief, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Not sure what our user base is like for Lotus Notes, but I'll give it a whack anyways.

    I have all archiving setup properly, but was wondering how I would go about archiving SPECIFIC system folders, such as INBOX, SENT, etc. ONLY. I can archive everything, but can't seem to archive the folders individually via the scheduled archive based on "last modified" date. I have searched the net for awhile, all I find is stuff on how to archive globally (as I have been doing), and a few blurbs on "it is not suggested to configure settings beyond this point" - whatever the heck that means. When I go and choose a folder, it is almost as if it doesn't save the settings because when I go back in there, the folder isn't highlight/selected.

    With version 7 coming down the pipe, I'm wondering if it's on their wish list or something that may be avaible in the next version, just need to find proof of it if it is.

    I usually browse the Notes forum, but it's been down since last night :p

    Anyone have input on this? TIA ;)
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