News LOTR Online - Free to Play from September 10th

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    Lord of the Rings Online will finally open its free-to-play doors to the world on September 10th 2010.

    The new free-to-play version of the game, currently under beta testing, will feature free access to the first 50 levels of the game, while offering the option to buy the game's expansions packs, quest items and other account services from the Lord of the Rings Online Store.

    Previous players or those with a bit of extra cash can opt to subscribe as a VIP player for a set fee each month that allows full access to all of the game's features, similar to the standard pay model that Lord of the Rings Online started with. There will also be another expansion released in the Autumn to cover the Enedwaith region of Middle-earth.
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    Cool news.
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    Very interesting, I just got an email from from Sony today about Everquest II doing this same thing. :)