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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Paul_Don, Apr 25, 2003.

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    ok last night i decieded to do a clean up on my comp
    envolving adaware and anti virus scan disk the works.
    my windows partition defragmented fine
    my music hd defragmented fine
    my maxtor 120 gig hard drive decided to die on me
    this caused windows to run extremley slow so there fore i had to reinstal and for re installing i HAD to reformat the 120 as the windows partition was on the same physicle drive i chose quick format rather than the full whack.
    i have now bin tryin to recover 100 gigs of data i have been sittin here for 2 hours clickin yes on runtimes getdataback program
    this is quite annoyin as it was only at 8 bloody percent
    i coudl see it was recovering files as it was goin. but i ask of someone if they could name some excellent file recovery programs where i dont have to sit there for like 20 hours clicking the mouse :)
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    To answer your question: there are a ton of great ones out there the best I know of costs alot of money.

    I would like to recommend that you change how you use your HDD.
    I Reccommend having at least 2 partitions on that drive. The first one being only the windows system incl. Swap file around 4-6 Gb of space the rest for your Applications, Games, and Music.

    When your installing something you tell it to install in the D: drive instead of C:\Program Files\ Bla bla bla.

    I've had similar problems with defrag on mine a trick is to delete the prefetch files or *.pf you can run a search to find these files and delete them. Talked about in this thread

    or do what Hipster Doofus reccomends in this thread And almost every problem you have you'll easily recover from.
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    United Kingdom
    I use OnTrack EasyRecovery Pro 6
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    yeah i kept everything important on D:\ unfortunately it was that partition that went bye byes lol