lost the connecting icons under XP home

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by warric, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. warric

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    my m8 has a legal copy of XP home installed on his pc. When he connects to the internet using a bog standard modem he no longer gets the two little pc icons appearing in his quick task bar showing that he is connected .

    All the little boxes are ticked to show these icons but they don't appear.

    So when you want to disconnect if it wasn't for auto disconnect the pc would remain connected and you wouldn't know

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated

    Incidentally there is nothing in the network connections folder - should there be????
  2. XP Abuser

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    yes there should be an icon in the network connections folder you could try "create New Connection" in the toolbar to your left its a step by step wizard and fill in the relevant info like fone no. username password then set this a default connection and you should be good to go
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    I have exactly the same problem in XP Pro, mine is using a D-Link NIC and adsl router, the box is also ticked to show the icon when its connected but the only way to get the icon to appear is to go to start/settings/network connections. the second you open the network connections MENU, the icon magically appears in the sys tray.

    This has ONLY happened since installing SP1 and never happened before this. I even tried removing the network card and reinstalling it and that made no diff. Its extremely irritating and I have no idea how to fix it.

    And if you want an answer I would imagine youd be much more likely to get an answer from the networking/internet forum than this one.
  4. warric

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    Hi folks

    Thanks for the replies and yes SP1 has been installed

    I have tried setting up a new connection - works fine but no icons - either in the network section or in the sys tray.

    guess I will have to keep on searching

    Many thanks
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  6. Ewok

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    Tryed everything yoyo said but had no effect.

    I believe I have now solved the problem. What I did was go into services and put "com+ event system" back to automatic, which in turn allows the "system even notification" service to run (also on automatic but will not work without the com+ one, at least after SP1 is installed anyway). Rebooted and the connection icon now appears just after bootup.

    this is obviously something that was changed in SP1 because I used the same service configuration before SP1 and didnt have this problem. I suspect its something like "System even notification" didnt used to depend on the com+ service and so it worked anyway even with com+ turned off, and now in SP1 it requires com+ before it will work and so no icon appears until you enable "com+ event system". Either way it now works.
  7. warric

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    sorry to be a bit thick but just exactly where did you find services etc. - not too familiar with XP.

    Many thanks
  8. rettahc

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    To get to sevices right click my computer->Manage->services and apllications->services