Lost Setup files, Where are they hiding?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by drdoug26, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. drdoug26

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    Hi again, sorry to bug so much:

    I'm setting or trying to setup WinXP corp on an old Dell Inspiron

    For some reason setup could not find the following files:

    I found both .inf files and was able to place them in the 'window' dir before I ran the windows main setup program. It worked ok.

    I looked hi and low for the other files but cant find them anywhere. I've tried on the XP cdrom, on another computer with XP already install on it.

    Where are they hiding and how do I get to them? This never happens when I'm setting up workstaions with the same disk,
    only laptops?????

    I've already checked 'show hidden files & folders' and unchecked
    'hide extensions for know file types' and 'hide protected system files'

    Any Ideas? I would have like to get all the files in there.

    BTW: The missing files were supose to be in the $win_NT$~LS directory.

  2. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
    In found these files on my XP CD-ROM in the i386 folder. The only thing is that the files have an underscore in their filename. For example, Headsp~1.wmz would be Headsp~1.wm_, the same goes for the other filenames. You could just copy these files to the supposed directory and rename them.
  3. dayle

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    i found all of them in the i386 dir
    pm me with ur address and ill send them to you
  4. drdoug26

    drdoug26 Guest

    Thanks for the help,

    My I386 files were compressed into two Cab Files. I extracted the cab files and did another 'search' and found the missing files.

    Thanks again

  5. dayle

    dayle Guest

    good for you dude