Lost Pictures in IE6

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by moparmartin, May 20, 2002.

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    I tend to try a lot of programs from CNET and similar sites (usually tweaking), most of which I delete. I'm very careful what I do but somehow IE6 seems to have had the pictures turned off even though it is set to "on" in the IE advanced options. I've tried every way into and through the registry and been through the ini files, but I cannot find anything obvious that relates to this setting. I have cable via a 10/100 NIC on a PIII 800 with 512mg RAM with XP Pro 2600. Anyone got a clue?
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    Are you sure it wasn't in one of your tweaking programs that you tried then removed? Sometimes even when removed the setting stays in effect. If so, reinstall the program, change the setting, reboot, see if it worked, then remove it again.