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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by IDLE, Feb 14, 2007.

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    this is really pissing me off. i uninstalled my old nvidia display drivers and installed the tweakrus version. rebooted and now i cannot connect the network. i do not receive an IP.

    if i connect my modem(cable) to the pc vista connects perfectly. but soon as i connect to my router no go. this was working perfectly not 10 minutes ago.

    i am under the network and sharing center and i see my pc------- ! (icon) --------network(greyed out)-------- X internet (this is a map that it shows in this window)

    wtf is going on. ive tried diagnosing/repairing option. no go. i have reset the NIC drivers. tried to create a new network location and that didnt work....this helped fix the problem last week. i am up in arms as to what is going on.


    ok well, all else fails, reboot. fixed my problem.
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    Cable modems need reboots when you switch from one thing to another beit 2 machines or a router whatever most cable modems are attached to the MAC address .