Lost Inet Connection when Upgraded to XP Home (moved frm Applications)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by BenLK, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. BenLK

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    Good morning all. I have a home network of 3 computers that connect to each other and the internet using a ADSL modem/router. I just upgraded one of the computers from Windows Me to Windows XP Home and now cannot get onto the internet from that computer -- no problems from the others. I have verified that the network is operating on that computer. I do not need to log in to the broadband connection -- that is done through the modem/router. I do not have any firewalls up on that computer. (I use ZA but have not activated it yet on that machine and I turned the XP firewall off.)

    I usually can see the modem/router from each computer by typing its IP address but cannot even see that from the newly upgraded one.

    I must be doing something basic wrong, but I cannot figure out what it is. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    Are there any specific XP drivers that you need for the router that you are using?

    Are the IP settings set properly? Do your router require static or dynamic IP addressing? you may need to assign the computer your own IP address and match the gateway with the router.
  3. BenLK

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    The router is external to the computer, so I'm not sure what XP drivers would be used. I did update the drivers for my network interface card and the network is operating properly -- I can see files on the other computers in the network and I can ping the computer that can't access the internet from the computers that can.

    I hope so. I have assigned the computer its own IP address ( and have given it the router's address ( in the advanced TCIP settings. In general, I have set up the TCIP properties to match the other XP computer, other than changing the references to IP address to the computer's own IP address.
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    can you ping the other boxes ? and do the other boxes have inet ?
  5. BenLK

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    I have not tried pinging other computers from the newly upgraded computer but I can ping the newly upgraded computer from the others. Also I am not able to access the router from my web browser on the newly upgraded computer. I will try the pinging in a few hours (I'm out of the house right now).

    Yes, I can access the internet from the other computers on the network.
  6. BenLK

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    OK. When I try to ping the other computers on the network or the router from the problem machine, it says "Transmit failed. Error 65"

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    Ah.. this is the problem. You do not have the gateway setup correctly on the XP machine that doesn't have the 'net working. What SHOULD be done (some may argue.) is the following.

    Lets call the computer that doesn't have the 'net working XP1, and the computer that HAS the 'net working, XP2 and the router ROUTER.

    Get a command prompt on BOTH XP1 and XP2.
    type IPCONFIG /ALL on both XP1 and XP2.
    notice the difference btw the two. This is why XP1 isn't working.
    Change XP1 to automatically obtain IP address and DNS from DHCP.
    this is from tcp/ip properties in the Network card properties dialog box.
    run cmd then ipconfig /all agian.
    compare with XP2.

    IF the two are SIMILAR (ip address and mac address should be only thing really different) and it STILL doesn't work... post your ipconfig /all stuff here, and I can look at it. IF XP1 didn't automatically get an IP address from the ROUTER (via DHCP) then..we have a different problem.

    Also.. IS DHCP set up on the ROUTER?? You would have to specify the gateway, ip address and etc. from the network card properties TCP/IP dialog box. Grab the settings from XP2 and let us know how it goes.
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    OK. The responses for both computers were the same other than the differences in IP addresses and computer names.

    Host name [Computer name]
    Primary DNS Suffix [Nothing]
    Node type Unknown
    IP Routing Enabled No
    WINS Proxy Enabled No

    Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection:
    Connection - specific DNS suffix [Nothing]
    Description [name of network interface card]
    Physical Address [I didn't copy it]
    DHCP Enabled No
    IP Address for XP1 and for XP2
    Subnet Mast
    Default Gateway
    DNS Server

    Neither PC is set to get an IP Address from the router
  9. BenLK

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    Good news. Problem solved.

    You will recall I had said that I was not running any firewalls. Apparently, even though I had removed Zone Alarm from the startup group, some piece of it was running even though it didn't show up in the sytem tray or in the "programs running" tab of Task Manager. In desperation I started the program, turned on the internet lock, turned it off, and then added the router to the trusted zone. Suddenly the Internet came to life.

    This is the second time a mysterious connection problem for me turned out to be a mysterious firewall problem!

    Thank you all for your efforts.