Lord of the Rings Online

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Worren, Aug 13, 2009.

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    A friend got me hooked on this graphically superb game over a year ago. It's been online about two years now and has a worldwide following. Other than a tweak for SLI provided by Turbine's tech support there's not many threads or articles concerning tweaking this game. Anybody wants to try Turbine's SLI tweak just pm me and I'll share.
    Anybody as hooked as I am might have theirs running a bit faster and/or better and I for one, would love to read about what you've done. I'm running on Vista 64 bit Ultimate with Comcast broadband. Generally it's satisfactory
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    I think Bman plays, I am sure Xie plays an MMO but cannot remember which one.
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    Yea the other thread is here.


    And I would love to tweak it up, but I don't have a SLI system in place. I haven't played much of it these days, not sure why, I want to get back into it. Since installing Windows 7 RTM I have not even installed.

    Give me your details, I might try creating a new character.