Loosing Connectivity with win98se client (Win 2003 Server)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Muhammad Atif Mirza, Jun 9, 2005.

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    HI Guys
    I am having a network setup with Windows 2003 Server and Windows 98 SE clients. Some of the clients are facing the problem that if they leave their terminal idle for 10 to 15 minutes then it loses all the network connections and even if you log off the PC, it does not authenticate the network password and says that the Password is not correct or Logon to server is denied.
    Then to resolve the problem it is necessary to restart the terninal.

    Thanking in anticipation for cooperation. Waiting for reply.......
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    Ideally you dont want to connect a 9x workstation to a 2003 server. However if you dont have that luxury a "one-soze-fits-all" fix is to remove tcp/ip and Client for microsoft networkds on the 98SE machines and then reinstall them.
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    I agree, use either XP Pro or 2000. 98 isnt very network friendly with newer operating systems.
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    I'm having a very similar problem at the moment with Windows 98 on AD.

    What happens is the account get's locked out after bad authentication attempts against the DC. I'm not sure what's causing the bad attempts though. If LordOfLa's resolution works, or you find a different solution, please let me know.

    Is there an explanation as to why re-installing resolves this problem? If it was a buggy installation wouldn't it fail all the time, rather than just occasionally to cause the lockout?
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    What type of authentication methods are you using?
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    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    I've got a bit more information on the problem. What happens is the windows 98 machine attempts to access some network resource with what appear to be bad credentials, even though the user logged in ok. Due to the account lockout policy, this then causes the account to be locked out. Unfortunately I've no idea what's causing it. There aren't any network drives mapped persistantly, as all drives are disconnected and reconnected at logon, by our login script, so it shouldn't have any old credentials there. All times are synchronised to our DC, as I know this can cause issues with Kerberos authentication. I've also tried disabling cached passwords on the 98 machines, to make sure there are no old credentials being stored, but this hasn't helped.I've tried adding lmhost files that point to the PDC emulator rather than our local AD DC, but this hasn't resolved it either. I've tried changing the reg entry "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA\LMCompatibility" to different values, but this hasn't helped either.

    The closest I've come to a solution is here but I don't have a subscription, so I can't view the solution!

    I've had a look at those reg entries, and they don't seem to be relevant to the problem now I've found out more about it, but thanks for the reply.
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    First off, everyone is right that 98 is not easy to network, but it should still work. You mentioned that after 10-15 minutes of idle time, the only way you can really get back at it is to reboot. This might lead me to believe that you should check the properties of your LAN connection/NIC. I don't know what it's called in 98SE since I haven't used that in years, but within XP you would go to...

    Start->Control Panel->Network Connections

    Select properties of Local Area Connection
    On the General tab, click Configure...

    On Advanced tab, check your settings on "Allow computer to turn device off to save power"

    Might not be it, but worth a shot.

    EDIT: See Attachment, although it is checked on my computer, to fix your problem you want that box UNCHECKED

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