Looking to Firmware flash in WinXP...but app wants DOS !!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Phantom_24, Apr 14, 2002.

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    OK....here's the scoop !!

    Loking to upgrade my friends firmware on a CD-RW that came with his HP system. The drive is marked as a Mitsumi CR-48x5te, while on Mitsumi's web site I only found a drive listed as CR-4805TE. I'm betting that this is the same drive, now here's the problem. The firmware app is calling for a true DOS window, not a DOS prompt. How do we go about doing this in WinXP...if its even possible ?!?!
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    Get a Windows 98 Start-up disk, put the files you need on the disk, boot to the disk. Run the program. Take disk out, reboot, hope you were right in your assumption. :D


    Request to PHANTOM 24

    Hi Phantom
    Sorry that I can not help personally but on the advice of other XP-erience members I to am likely to encounter a simmilar problem when I attempt a clean install of XP PRO following a series of prblems arising from choosing to merly upgrade thus it would be greatly appreciated if You would contact Me as and when You find the solution.:)
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    Post the solution here in case someone else needs it.
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    Dejavoo's right about the dos disk. It shouldn't matter what you formatted your hard drive in either !!
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    Cool !!

    Thanx guys for the tips !! Though it looks like he's doing the alternate/smart thing and going for a Sony drive. We'll just see what we can do with the HP drive.....told him he could use it for a server.....hehehehe.

    Maybe it will ACTUALLY work on a non-HP mobo !!!