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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Angeleyes, Jun 19, 2002.

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    First of all, I just joined here in hopes of getting help with the XP running on the new computer, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you, you are very helpful and seem to be patient , so thanks! I was wondering if anyone knows of a good "cleaner", one that really, and doesn't just claim it does, finds files that go nowhere, file fragments, and obsolete registry entries. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!:D
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    for anything to do with cleaning the registry I would go to


    Specificly check out NT perfect Companion. Some of his progs are a bit pricey, and can be dificult to find "enhancements" for, but generally they do what they claim. I actually bought legal copies of several from him.

    as for the others (files that go nowhere or file fragments) if anyone has one that really does that, I'd like to know too.
  3. riscy

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    System mechanic

    Have a look at


    and try System Mechanic - removes broken links, junk files, shortcuts which point to nothing, invalid registry entries remove invalid uninstaller info and lots of other useful things.
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    I agree with riscy. I have been using System Mechanic for years and it works real well. It has NEVER deleted any files that are needed. It runs on all Operatings systems and has never caused any problems on any of my machines.
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    I'll second System Mechanic I use it along with Norton Clean Sweep
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    Thanks! I just downloaded Sys Mech and am going to try it out. thanks tons for all the feed back guys!:D
  7. riscy

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    you're welcome :)