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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. is there any kind of freeware program that would load my cpu to about 80% of capacity?
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    Are you wanting to test your cooling or something?

    There may be a program that loads your CPU for this purpose, but I don't know of it.

    Video encoding uses a lot of CPU power though. You could try using something like TMPGEnc or FlaskMPEG to encode a video clip - this will keep your CPU pretty busy and large clips can take hours to encode if you select all the 'high quality' settings.

    If you don't already have them, these programs (and some sample video clips) can be found at www.vcdhelp.com - go to the 'Tools' link on the left hand side.

    ' hope that helps,
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    play movies 24/7, that' way your processor will be burnt.
  4. well i dont want to burn my pc or anything, and not really testing it. it's just when my computer is at about 80% load my download increases by 20bk/sec above my regular 94kb/sec . the way for me to do that is play some games live civ3 for example, but after a while it really gets too boring to play it. playing movie does not make much difference, and i though of video encoding but that takes too much processor speed and my download speed drops. so i want something that would keep it steady at 80% or so. and i'm not gona use it like that 24/7 i will let my computer cool off.
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    well converint or rendering or ripping or neything that has to do with video will Hard core put load on ur CPU.
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    It sounds like you might want to investigate your internet settings more than anything else. What are you using to download? IE? Download manager?
  7. well i'm downloadin from sharing programs. edonkey,kazaa,aol. sometimes i use download accelerator plus to download the stuff.
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    if you use the United Devices Cancer thing then that will use all of your unneeded CPU cycles. That will get you to 100%, I am not sure how to limit it to using only 80% though.