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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Brando457, Aug 11, 2003.

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    I recently purchased a new system, and I must say my Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2.0 w/ D1005Uber SATA ENHANCED BIOS ROXS. IDK some people have problems with them, which I believe are older revisions, but so far my expereicne has been awesome. No problems except 1 stick of my corsair messing, but thats corsairs problem :) lol I matched the mobo w/ a xp 2800+ oc'ed to 3200+, but un oc'ed since i don't need that extra boost.

    Overall i rate the board a 8/10 since I'd like a passive cooler on southbridge and maybe 2 more usbs :) 6 isnt enough hehe
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    im sure i am thinking wrong, but are the REVISIONS just a different BIOS? or do they actually change the board physically in some way?

    ps: your sig is a little large (visually and size wise)
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    revisions are usually due to a slight change in the motherboard as the earlier revision has some sort of incompatibility issues or something. Or it's a case of Microsoft with Win98 and Win98SE - they wanted more money :D
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    revision 2.0 = Nforce2 Ultra 400 chipset

    the upgraded northbridge supports 400fsb athlons. this goes for rev 2.0 boards from all manufacturers.
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    yah.. plus they fixed some buggered up stuff in the original related to memory... thank god... one of the main gripes bout the ultra before was memory compatability issues...
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    I like asus, i run the A7V8X at the mo. no probs, and i like corsair (i always put it down to travel damage with a bad corsair stick as there all tested) its always the same with a new mobo, lots a problems from certain configs, they cant test every possibility in reality so the public are beta testers. then comes the updated revisions and smooth sailing for the majority. People wonder why companys like asus have so many bios revisions and updates, compared to the lesser manufacturers out there, its becasue they care about there customers :)
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    and because.... as we discovered @ our office... asus fux0rs up on the occasion with their product... case in point... a7n8x... deluxe... (not rev 2.0)

    we bought a bunch of those boards... along with name brand memory (samsung/crucial)... didn't need corsair for general everday office apps :) therefore we got the next step down in quality...

    and they wouldn't work...

    got the lot from newegg so we read customer statements and a whole lot of people reported the same incompatability problems...

    not everyone mind... but a heck of a lot of em...

    ended up having to splurge on corsair XMS since they seemed to work best with the asus board...

    not apparently... at least from our looking round... as big a problem with other boards using the same chipset...

    that may explain SOME of their bios revisions... :)

    and yes... IMO asus is one of the better mobo makers out there...
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    heh shoulda got corsair liek me :) hehe yeah ppl have had alot of issues with the a7n8x deluxe idk if older rev <2.0 or >2.0, but mine is 2.0 and I love it simply because my hardware is working keen after a few tweaks, and SATA IS FAST as a mofo I thank you for recommendning this Raptor hd
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    wait till I get my system upgraded ya nutcase :D

    just wait :)
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    hehe until u do i own u with everything except monitors :/
  11. dpr

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    Sazar from what I read crucial have had problems with Pc2700 memory on this board
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    So is D1005Uber SATA ENHANCED BIOS ROXS better BIOS than the normal 1005 version ¿?
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    Actually there is an old rule in engineering (hardware or software).

    "Never buy the initial release of a product."

    The direction from management (who jump when marketing says frog) is:

    "I don't care if it works or not! We have to get the product out on the street now! If I let engineering have they're way a product would never get released!"

    This translates to "There is never the time or money to do a job right, but there is always plenty of time and money to do it over."

    As an engineer I should be upset about this but it has kept me employeed on the same 5 year project for the last 12 years and through a tech recession so it's really hard to ***** (too much). And to add the gravey we're now far enough into the product life cycle that the customer wants massive upgrades.

    :) Here comes another 5-10 years of gainful employment. :)

    Employer name withheld out of self preservation.
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    I wonder if we work for the same company, that sounds awfully familiar...
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    In my book, there's no mobo better than my Gigabyte 7NNXP...It's the best thing going, hands down...It's worth the money for anybody looking to upgrade, or build a new system...
  16. Goatman

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    I ran PC2700 Samsung on my Revision 1.04 for a long time. I even had it overclocked to 184 MHz. I since switched to a nice stick of OCZ PC3200 REV.2
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    I'm with ya. I love mine. works like a champ.