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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by meancode, Feb 24, 2003.

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    hey all,

    i am currently using Tera-Byte.com for my web host, and i am very happy with it. i have their 4U plan, and their tech support is very very prompt. there are two things id really like tho that they do not offer. i would like to use subdomains and i would like to use some perl modules like ImageMagick that they will not run.

    my question to you all is what do you recommend.

    the $17 a month package a FeaturePrice.com seems really nice, altho no shell access is kinda a bummer. and i do not know about their support. any1 use these guys?

    how about ValuableHost? any1 used them as a service? i have a friend who has a reseller account with them and has had some issues with uptime.

    basicly i want what i have now at TB and subdomains and more perl modules.

    any suggestions? thanks
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    I use ION Hosting
    • http://www.ionhosting.com/
    They are very good - prompt and curteous ...