look out p2p here comes hollywood

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vdubVR6, Jul 25, 2002.

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    if you ask me this is a load of garbage and unfair that there allowed to hack without any charges brought up.......cause ill be da##ed if they screw my pc up for d/l something that wasnt copyrighted just bc they want to flood the p2p networks with bogous crap
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    They just introduced the bill, it hasn't been passed. The House and Senate both need to pass it and then the President still has to sign it. Then the Supreme Court will determine its constitutionality from all of the court cases that will arise out of this. Hopefully, somewhere in this process somebody will think about what this bill would cause.

    Sorry, vdub. Didn't finish typing until after you had updated the post.
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    yes AKHeero i had to go back and change what i wrote if you didnt notice i typed a little faster then i was reading bc im at work.......but still it would be wrong if it were passed....plus i see it doing more wrong towards ther end with people(good hackers) getting pissed off at what they try to do.
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    :confused: All this because some congressman in California is pandering to the recording and movie industry in his district. I'm sad to say that he isn't representing the views of the voters in his district, just the industry that is giving him money. Even though he is a Democrat, I wouldn't mind seeing him voted out of office in the next round of elections.
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    No complaints here!!:D
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    What goes around comes around.

    I have a feeling http://www.mpaa.org/ just became 1337 5kr1p7 kiddie target No.1
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    Basically,... if they only knew what would happen if they ever tried/ pass such a law. (evil laugh) :D
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    Hey dont fear, New p2p's are here!!LOLZ
    Well as you might have guessed, there are new third generation p2p programs coming out pretty soon, Better, Faster, more secure and some totally anonymus.
    1. Filetopia 2.0 : It WILL have 128-bit encryption for sends and messages, multi-source downloading, nice chatting gui with even microphone support. So watch out for this release.

    2. Six/Four i keept forgetting its name, but hackers are suppose to finish it this summer and it is suppose to keep the user anonymus completely, no ip showing whatsoever.

    3. Morpheus 2.0, i dont know alot about this one but i am expecting Streamcast to release the 2.0 with their own fastrack like network and probably better security, which would be a great thing cause right now Morpheus 1.8 and 1.9 use Gnutella to connect, and gnutella sucks since it completely compromises the users identity and its slow.
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    hehe looks like it might be time to go back to IRC DCC and Fserve