longhorn will break microsoft

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by [GQF]Toast, Dec 2, 2002.

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    From what ive read longhorn the code name for the new microsoft OS which will follow winxp looks very much like an effort to finally get rid of all none microsoft OSes and open source apps.
    From what I understand if a program is not digitaly signed by MS it WONT run on longhorn and of course many coders and even manufactures wont submit there work to MS for this purpose.
    In a recent news article posted on xp-erience it was stated that all NEW hardware will be needed to run longhorn. ARE THEY NUTS!!! I believe MS is well on the way to losing the masses if they persist in trying to so dominate the market .

    please post your thoughts on this folks .
  2. chastity

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    Ah I see you found the part that relates to another M$ planned technology which is not a very nice piece IMO "Palladium"-branded trustworthy-computing initiative. If you want more info on Palladium I suggest doing a search
  3. NetRyder

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    I've heard about the Palladium strategy ... but one can't tell what is true and what is a rumor at this time.

    I guess I'll wait and see as more is revealed.
  4. SPeedY_B

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    I haven't heard anything, and personaly won't beleive anything i do hear until the product is actually in its Beta or Release Candidate Stages.

    Theres no point speculating over something that basically doesn't exist yet, there is no official information on it, most people are basing there opinion on the leak, which is a pre-alpha, and has most probably had some major re-working/coding to it for the latest internal build.
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    I have had the "pleasure" to sit down and play with Longhorn a little bit. It is still in Alpha stages as you probably know, and its still buggy. I have been able to do everything on it that I do on XP so far. I think that all the fuss you are hearing is a lot of fluff so far. Palladium (the evil security/DRM we keep hearing about) is going to be bad, but probably not as bad as we all think. Windows XP's activation was touted as the greatest evil, but I have found that its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My best advice is that if you are freaked about how MS is doing things, vote with your dollars. Buy a copy of Red Hat or Suse (or insert your favorite flavor of linux or Mac here) and show them who is boss.
  6. Perris Calderon

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    ya...unless longhor is a far and away better os, then the free, or mac, no way people will endorse the strategy.


    my prediction;

    the next great os will be 50<95% ram based, 50>5% mechanical storage.

    longhorn does not fit this bill
  7. Burpster

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    well as long as Longhorn doesnt prevent me from doing the things i like to do :) such as watch Divx movies

    there's an activation for XP Pro????
  8. Jahya

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    Well, I haven't paid much attention to Longhorn, Black Comb or whatever new M$ product(s) are currently in the works, but just for the h3ll of it, I d/led the Alpha version of Longhorn over the weekend. I really had no intentions of installing, but maybe I'll bust out my old AMD 450 and see what kind of damage Longhorn can do to it.
    I wonder....will 450mhz even be enough processor power for such a beast as Longhorn??
    If the Alpha version turns out to be legit (I haven't even unrared it yet) and will actually install on my primitive 450 I'll post what I learn about it here. Although being an Alpha, what I learn under this version may not be anything remotely close to the beta and rc release(s) much less the final product and therefor may be a bunch of useless info.
  9. Lighthater

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    Jahya - Longhorn will probably crawl on a 450 system. The system I was using was a Duron 900 w/ 256mb DDR. It was painfully slow for me at times. It was mainly during boot and during explorer accesses. I attribute much of this to bug logging, but who knows??
  10. XP Abuser

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    hey light hater its still in alpha its allowed to be pants!

    dont worry people the palladium technology will probably be modified or someone will bypass it somehow where theres a will theres a way

    remember when xp was released everyone was like oh wpa that will be the end of piracy. yeh right
    it just makes people more determined to break it!
  11. chastity

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    Well you do have a couple of valid points there XP Abuser. Thing with XP's WPA was not the public saying it will end piracy as much as it was M$.