Lone Ranger is hanged!!!

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    The Lone Ranger is about to be hung by rustlers who caught him spying on
    their camp.
    His only hope is Tonto, who managed to escape and go for help.
    As the bandits are putting the noose around the Lone Ranger's neck, he
    sees three horses approaching at a gallop.
    Sure enough, as they get closer he can see that it is Tonto on the first horse, but he can't make out who the other two riders are.
    The Lone Ranger finally sees that Tonto is riding in with two beautiful naked
    women. One is blond, and the other one brunette.
    The riders burst into the robbers' camp, and Tonto rides up to the Lone Ranger, saying, "Kemosabe, I have returned with the people you asked me to get."

    "Tonto, you idiot," says the Lone Ranger, "I told you, “Go, get posse!"
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