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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ScottD, Jul 19, 2002.

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    Heres the steps in the Tutorial here that I have a question about.

    "1. Make a Directory for your Project

    2. Fire up photoshop. Make a canvas size the same as your PC screen resolution - eg. 1152 x 864.

    3. Grab a piece of paper and approx mark where you will have the buttons and logon icons.

    4. Make your background, totally how you want it. The scale of your image should not be any bigger than Width 507pixels and Height 615pixels.

    5. Save your image as the standard photoshop file = .psd into your Login Directory you made"

    In number 2, what do you do with that canvas?

    In number 4, what exactly does that mean? Is this in ref to bitmap 100 of LoginUI.exe when it says to make the image no bigger than 507x615?

    In number 5, it says to save as a .PSD, what do you do with that .PSD file after its been saved? Don't all the images have to be in bitmap form?

    I've made some Logins screens using this tutorial but could use some clarification on these steps of the tutorial. Thank you!
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    Login Screen Tutorial-Answer

    Hey here are the answers for your questions.

    #1. You make a directory just to make it easier to control your
    pictures and file you use for your logon.

    #2. The canvas is your backround.

    #3. Is just so you know where to put them.

    #4. The picture you put on youre canvas cant be bigger.

    #5. This last one is a mistake, dont save your picture in the .psd
    format because the ResHacker will not accept it so just save
    them in .bmp. Its just easier.

    I hope this answers youre questions if you have more please do ask.