Logging in to 3COM HUB to open ports

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stewartbmw2000, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Having a bit of a problem with a hub/switch its a 3com super stack II switch1100 part number 3C16950

    I need to log in to it to make it open ports that edonkey clients use other wise every machine on the network has a status of firewalled.

    I have the MAC address but cant seem to convert this to an IP to put in a browser to log in, I have tried some programs to convert MAC to IP but they return errors.

    Any help much appriciated.

    The reason I havn't posted the MAC address is that I dont know if this is a security risk?
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    Try using Solar Winds. I don't have a link, and it is not free. But they used to have a trial program. Makes it a breeze.
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    OK, need to clarify some stuff.

    A switch isnt blocking ports, and cant. The part you describe is just a basic network switch, and has no effect on ports. Ignore Funky's reply, it does not apply.

    Do you have a home broadband router? The router is where you need to open ports, not on the switch. Read your manual, look up 'port forwarding.' That is what you need to do.

    If you are running software firewalls on the PCs, you need to add a rule to those firewalls to allow the ports through as well. Consult the documentation for the software.

    Don't have a router and the switch goes right into the cable or DSL modem, and you have multiple public IPs from your internet provider? In this case (if you already opened the ports on any software firewalls), your ISP blocks those ports, and unless you can call their tech support to have it unblocked at their end (which i doubt they would do) you're SOL.

  4. Well the wierd thing is there is no s/w firewall on any of the machines.

    I have disabled xp's firewall and everything runs fine on the 4 machines just getting edonkey to work is the only problem.

    There is no hub just switch.

    The main machine where the USB adsl model plugs into works fine unfirewalled, its just any other machines that firewalled.

    Maybe just a new ethernet adsl modem would do it but if theres a solution that I dont have to buy new kit that would be better?
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  6. Thanks for that, now I can connect very quickly and to all servers but I am still firewalled?

    Any more help much appreciated
  7. ive added what you advised as services not applications as I cant find the applications tab in XP
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    In order to share a dsl connection over a hub you need a computer with two ethernet ports to act as an internet server. Plug the dsl modem into that computer, then the other ethernet goes to the hub. Then go to your network connections and run the networking wizard and follow the directions for Internet Connection Sharing.
  9. As I thought earlier ;)