Lockus when browsing network and connected to the internet

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Monitorm, Dec 27, 2001.

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    I Know several people with exactly the same type of problems as me and here it is.

    When browsing the entire network(in my case only 2 system), there is an incredable amount of lag or a lockup. If XP has already mapped the locating to an icon it is fine. The problem mostly occurs when browsing the network.

    Now here's the most interesting part, the problem occurs pretty much ONLY when connected to the internet. Disconnect the internet to brows and everything is ok. I have also recently re-loaded and upgraded to ADSL, Same problem when browsing the network.

    Action taken
    Piddled with everything
    Tried difrent network cards (although I kew its not)

    I seriously believe there is a general problem with XP and yes I have all the updates, the latest drivers bla bla. These 2 sytems ran perfectly under Windows ME and as staed at the beginning I know several other people with same problem, so I don't belive its a machine issue.

    Any ideas?
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