LockThis - Lock the running procedure

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    LockThis can be easily used to lock the running procedure, in order to temporarily leave the computer with ease.

    When editing an important document such as papers or writing a programming, if you have to temporarily leave away from your computer, you can click "Win + L" to lock the computer, but sometimes it's not convenient to do that, for example, at home, why you have to lock the computer?

    Time to use LockThis! Open the program as the default auto-activation process (right-click the tray icon "Deactivate!" to temporarily close the lock function), and then hold down the "Ctrl" and meanwhile click the minimize button to easily locked programs.

    Since then click on the task bar window, the password window will appear, enter the passwords and back to normal. Initial Password: LockThis!

    P.S. You can end the process in the Task Manager.