Local Area Connection error message

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gottago, Dec 24, 2003.

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    When I try to see the properties for my Local Area Connection
    I get a popup window "an unexpected error occurred" never showing me the properties. Also I do not see the network icon in the system tray

    OS is XP Pro
    My network seeme to be functioning properly.

    I see this message whether I used the onboard LAN or when I select the PCI NIC installed.

    Any help appreciated

  2. Zedric

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    Welcome to the boards Gottago, please stay! ;)

    That's sounds odd. Since it's both NIC:s I guess reinstalling the drivers won't do much (have you tried?). All I can think of right now is if the correct services are started. Like Network and such.
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    You can turn the toolbar ICON off in the network properties area so don't sweat that it's missing. It's probably just a symptom of the error message.

    I'd say uninstall and reinstall the connections but... You need to get into properties to do that.

    Have you tried accessing properties both ways:

    1). Through Control panel - netwiork - right click conenction -properties.

    2). Through Control panel - System - hardware -device manager - network adapter - right click adapter and select properties.

    Using the second method you should still be able uninstall the adpater hardware then reinstall it even if the drivers/services are corrupted.

    If that doesn't work you can uninstall all the network services tcpip, etc and then reinstall the entire network.


    The shortcut. If the properties page was acessible recently go back to an old restore point. Windows will do the repair for you.
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    an oddball answer, but if your using a custom theme, go back to a default 1 and try again, probably not related, just seen a simular thing in the past :).
  5. asamov

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    I just fixed this problem! I have a Linksys BEFDSR41W on its side with two LANs to a notebook & desktop. It kept blinking the power off every few minutes and dropping the connection. I just placed it horizontal a few days ago and haven't disconnected since. Hazaa!
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