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    The manager of Liverpool FC sends scouts out round the world lookingfor a new striker to hopefully win Liverpool the title. One of hisscouts informs him of a young Iraqi striker who he thinks will turn outto be a true superstar. So the manager flies to Iraq to watch him andis suitably impressed and arranges for him to come over to Anfield.

    Twoweeks later Liverpool are 4-0 down at home to Man Utd with only twentyminutes left, and Liverpool's manager gives the young Iraqi striker thenod to go on. The lad is a sensation, scores five goals in twentyminutes and wins the game for Liverpool. The fans are delighted, theplayers and coaches are delighted and the media love the new star. Whenhe comes off the pitch he phones his Mum to tell her about his firstday in English football.

    "Hi Mum, guess what?" he says. "Iplayed for twenty minutes today, we were 4-0 down but I scored five andwe won. Everybody loves me, the fans, the players and the media, theyall love me."

    "Great," says his Mum, "now let me tell you aboutmy day. Your father got shot in the street, your sister and I wereraped and beaten and your brother has joined a gang of looters, whileyou were having a great time."

    The young lad is very upset. "What can I say Mum, I'm so sorry".

    "Sorry?!?" says his Mum. "It's your f*****g fault that we moved to Liverpool in the first place!"
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    calm done.... calm done.. (done is scouse accent)

    nice one!!
  4. omg hahahahaa
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    You forgot the Jackie Dixon "eeerrrrmmmm"