Little Johnny returns

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    Its a tad rough but worth a giggle :D

    One day little Johnny comes home one day from school and his mom asks him how his day was.

    He replies, "Mom, today I had sex with the teacher!"

    Immediately she was angry. She said, "just wait 'till your dad gets home, he's going to be very mad at you. Go to your room!"

    So the boy goes to his room and finally his dad is home and comes up to the room. The boy tells his dad and the dad is proud of the boy.

    "Great job son! How old are you 12? 13? How about we go down to the store and get that shiny red bicycle you wanted?"

    So, they go to the store and the dad buys the bike for his son. Then he says, "well Johnny, do you want to ride the bike home?"

    The boy answers, " No, that's okay Dad, My ass is still sore!"