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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kevin Ar18, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Kevin Ar18

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    Might be interesting to make a list of some useful Image Editors for Windows.
    Include the following info if you can:
    1) Name:
    2) Website:
    3) Price: (obtained from and elsewhere)
    4) What it can be used for or how powerful is it.

    $510 (commercial) / $280 (academic)
    The standard by which so many image editors are judged.

    Replicates quite a number of features that Photoshop has including layers, but still not as good. The interface takes a little getting used to.

    A useful image editor for some basic and semi-advanced editing. Features are different than Photoshop. No layers; not a good program for advanced picture touch ups compared to Photoshop, but still useful as a day to day image editor.

    Don't know how to descibe it. The newer version has layers support. I've used the older versions to gain more control over editing individual pixels. Photoshop, GIMP, etc... are not as easy when it comes to precise pixel editing. Unfortunately, I do not know how good the new version of LviewPro is in this area.

    Satori PhotoXL
    Made by a commercial company. Useful for drawing images from scratch. Includes numerous custom brushes.

    $0.00 (adware - ads are safe)
    A basic image editor with a number of useful features for doing some image editing. Has an odd interface.

    Other products I can say that I'm familiar with or know, but have not used enough or at all to judge how useful and powerful they are:

    Macromedia Fireworks
    $260 (commercial) / $100 (academic)
    Targeted for making internet graphics.

    E-Picture Pro
    A little known, but quite powerful and useful image editor for internet graphics.

    Paint Shot Pro
    Contains a large number of powerful features including layers support.

    P.S. I may update this list as people add to it.
  2. Cosmin

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    nice work , you should add a poll also ;) ..
  3. zyfos

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    Really nice picture viewing program, but it also has a few little filters and other picture editing features in it.

    Havn't personally used it, but I've seen quite a few online artists that like it. Looks a lot like Photoshop from what I can tell.
  4. JohnnyGreb

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    Free, source available
    Website:A small and fast graphics editor slanted towards quick and easy pixel editing.
    Me: Designed for index color bmp's, have excellent zoom for pixel editing. Non-standard interface (kinda). Very decent program.