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  1. got a question about it. linux is on OS like windows right? what's a red heat(spelling??), or something? what versions of it are out there ?

    will it work fine on my old computer 233mhz,4GbHd, voodo 3 3000, 128Ram i think.
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    1. It's an o/s, yet its absolutely nothing like windows

    2. Red Hat is a distribution, meaning a brand, other major distro's include but are not limited to, Lycoris, Mandrake and Slackware

    3. There are possibly infinate "versions" so to speak, its not classed as v1, v2, v3 etc, its a compilation of various packages and software that build up the o/s

    4. Yes, yes it will
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    mafiafromrussia, if you are thinking of trying Linux for the first time, I would recommend Mandrake or Red Hat as they are the easiest to set up and use. Then you can move up to "real" distros as you learn. ;) They will run just fine on that old machine you have. One of my Linux machines is running on a Pentium 133 with 64 megs ram and a 2 gig hard drive.
  4. thanks a lot for the explanation.