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Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by psx2000, Jul 24, 2003.

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    Here's one that will probably take an abolute Linux god to troubleshoot: Whenever I try to log in as any account in Red Hat 9 with the correct password, I get a popup box that says "Authentication failed."

    If I try an incorrect password, it says "Incorrect username or password. Letters must be typed in the correct case. Please make sure the Caps Lock key is not enabled" below the login box.

    I am sure that the password is right, because I booted in as root by passing the single parameter to the kernel from the bootloader, and I changed my root password and my user account to password (I made sure caps lock was off and typed it all out with one finger slowly to make sure there were no typos). Even in single-user mode, if I try to use SU (doesn't matter what username I give it), instead of prompting me for a password, it just says "incorrect password"

    EDIT: Yes, it is my own fault. I made a bunch of changes to the system trying to get the bugger to authenticate to a Windows 2000 ISA server to get out to the internet, but there were a *lot* of changes, and I don't remember what all of them were, so I can't begin to guess at what I did to slaik login security up like this.
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    can you still get in as root, if you can try try movin the contents of your home folder, remove your normal user account, then create yourself again, move your stuff back. Or you could try just making a new user, then try to login as the new user, if that works then its not something like an SSH or passwd file problem
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    Obviously it's trying to authenticate against something that isn't configured properly.

    The SU command logs you in as root by asking for the root password afaik.
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    I agree with Geffy.

    Did you possibly change your username/password when configuring Samba.

    Another thing to try is to log on as root (assuming you can do so) and use chmod 777 /home/username for your HOME folder making sure that you can access it.