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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jznomoney, Jul 2, 2002.

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    I have a linksys router and I have a question. I am currently using a cable modem service. I Want to host a game online. But when I try to ping my cable modems ip or have someone from the internet ping my ip it always fails. I am using mywanip by tzo to tell me what my IP is on the internet. I have the block wan ip disabled in the router setup page. Is there something that i'm missing. I hope someone could shed some light on what I should do.

    Thanks for the help

    router firmware version
    1.42.7, Apr 02 2002
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    You need to forward ports. Under advanced, go to the Forwarding tab and set it to forward the server port used by the game to the internal IP of your PC

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    and if you want to be able to ping your ip adress you need to uncheck the Block WAN Request :)
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    if you're using a service like, don't you need to let your isp determine your wan ip? in router interface, you should have the box checked that says obtain ip automatically - that's how i have mine set up and i let tzo keep track of my wan ip.